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Submission Guidelines

Spinsters Ink’s mission is to publish fiction and non-fiction that deals with significant issues in the lives of lesbian women. These are books that not only name crucial issues, but more importantly—encourage change and growth. Spinsters Ink is committed to publishing works by women of every age and racial or cultural background, writing from every walk of life, including the periphery.

We are interested in novels with a solid plot and engaging, fully-realized characters. The main characters must be women and the story must be credible. While there are no length restrictions per se, the manuscript should be no less than 50,000 words, and must fully justify being in excess of 100,000 words.

Non-fiction manuscripts should be about topics of interest to lesbian women.

Spinsters Ink does NOT accept unsolicited manuscripts but we do accept query letters plus a precis and sample material. Your manuscript should be completed before sending your query to us. We are not interested in manuscripts that have been submitted simultaneously to multiple publishers.

To make sure that your manuscript is considered, please follow these instructions carefully.

Send a cover letter, précis, and an excerpt from your manuscript to: EditorialDirector@SpinstersInk.com. The cover letter should very briefly describe your book, including the title and word count. It should also include a brief biographical sketch of the author. If your author name is a pseudonym, please state this information up front! If you have published books under any name, please give us that information as well.

Make sure you include your address, phone numbers where you can be reached, and your email address. The précis should include an outline of the plot (please keep this to one or two pages) and a bit of information about the main characters.
If we are interested in reading the manuscript, we will contact you. Please understand that we receive many queries each day, and it is not unusual for 45 days to pass before we contact you.
If we ask to see your manuscript, please send it typed (double-spaced) with one-inch margins. Make it as clean (no typos, pages in correct order, etc.) as you can to the best of your ability. We prefer that you identify each page with a running head (either the title or your name) so that pages are not easily lost or misplaced. Your manuscript must be available by email or on disk. (Microsoft Word preferred.) We do not return manuscripts that have been submitted for consideration.
Thank you for your interest in Spinsters Ink.

Download Spinsters Guidelines for Authors.

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