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High Desert
Order from Bella


by Katherine V. Forrest

Kate is forced to confront her most formidable opponent: herself.

Kate Delafield is in a world of trouble. Five months into mandated retirement from the LAPD, her long term on-again off-again relationship with Aimee Grant is off again. She's become hopelessly dependent on the only substance that can drown her pain over Aimee—and the illness of her best friend. She is lost without her police career and beset by terrifying dreams.

Into this world walks Captain Carolina Walcott of the LAPD, with a request that Kate secretly try to locate Kate's former police partner, Joe Cameron, who has vanished. She also offers Kate a business card—the name on it a woman from Kate's past who may be able to offer a lifeline back to the self Kate once was.

As she deals with a shocking and inexplicable homicide, Kate also pursues a trail of evidence toward Cameron that leads her into the high desert. Here she will find profound challenges to the truth of everything she ever believed in as a principled police officer. Here she must decide what it is she still believes: about her past, her present, her future.

Order from Bella


by Nancy Toder

Can you ever really forget your first lover?

Sandy and Jenny are college roommates and best friends, and only gradually do they realize their growing attraction to one another. They become secret, but passionate lovers, yet after graduation they drift apart. When they meet up again years later by chance, the two women must confront the choices they’ve made in life. Was theirs just a schoolgirl crush or the romance of a lifetime—about to be rekindled?

“Moving and thought-provoking. Nearly every question about lesbian identity is raised and considered at length. Nancy Toder is both genuine and intelligent.” - Jane Rule, The Body Politic

“Choices is not only a serious lesbian novel, but also one of the very few that succeeds in developing its characters believably over an extended time span. Well worth reading.” - Sojourner

“Choices really is a classic lesbian love story. It has everything required for a good read: plot, character, action, erotica. It may be the most popular novel since Rubyfruit Jungle.” - Off Our Backs

“I did more than simply read this book, I experienced it. Choices is a courageous novel. It can proudly take its place in a new genre of lesbian fiction.” - Gay Community News

“Nancy Toder is the Rita Mae Brown of the realistic.” - Lesbian News

Originally Published by Persephone Press 1980.

The Inscrutable Mr. Elizabeth
Order from Bella


by Marlene Leach

"Mr." Elizabeth is indeed a paradox. A former NSA agent trained in psychic controlled remote viewing, she makes her living as a part-time bounty hunter. Being deep inside the mind of her prey exacts a heavy toll, but she has crafted an otherwise quiet life for herself in Albuquerque, New Mexico, to which she happily retreats after each hunt and capture.

But her badly needed rest is soon interrupted by an urgent request from the Organization—that she find the mysterious and disturbing female serial killer known only as "L."

Though untrained, L. is psychically aware of Mr. Elizabeth's pursuit. When the two finally collide in New York City, an unlikely alliance forms between them as the two women plot an escape from the Organization's forces. But their continued contact reveals new secrets, including one so deadly it can destroy Elizabeth—or heal her. And the Organization soon discovers the true and terrifying potential of the women they seek to control.

When We Were Outlaws
Order from Bella


by Barbara Treat Williams

Starr Spenser can’t handle another day in Las Vegas trying to cope with messes made by her irresponsible brother and low-down dad, especially after being “text dumped” by Alana, the girl she’d thought was “the one.” So, when she’s summoned to her hometown of Portico Ferry, Missouri, Starr doesn’t hesitate to pack up her Jeep Wrangler and drive to the sleepy river town. Sophie, the housekeeper who helped raise Starr, is worried that Letisha, Starr’s stepmother, is being conned out of her life savings and the bed and breakfast she owns.

But when she arrives home, Starr finds that Letisha’s problems aren’t the only ones she must sort out. Her childhood friend, Firah, has just learned she has a sister and wants Starr’s help in finding her. During the search, feelings Starr buried about her straight best friend surface. Only this time around, her friend is not so straight. Repercussions for loving Firah, a second generation Iranian-American, could be severe. Firah’s family has an arranged marriage in mind for her, and Firah’s family adheres to a strict old country code of conduct that does not include lesbian love.

Then, when Starr’s dad and brother show up in Portico Ferry with Alana—and a hit man on their trail—Starr finds something much more sinister afoot in Portico Ferry that must be resolved before the problems of the only mother she’s ever known go away.


We're celebrating the arrival of the latest long-awaited installment of the the legendary Kate Delafield mystery series...

Katherine V. Forrest

Katherine V. Forrest

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