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In the stone cold heart of a 1932 New England winter, Madeline visits her oldest and closest friend who resides directly across the lake, just over the New Hampshire border from Vermont.

Celia is seriously ill and seems walled away from the reality by several people who have seemingly won her confidence: Matthias, a lawyer; David,a writer; and the very attractive Mira, playing the unlikely role of nurse. Celia’s one protector appears to be the loyal but hapless handyman Georgie.

Celia soon dies, and Madeline’s every instinct cries out foul play. She vows never to rest until the truth of her friend’s death is revealed.

Matthias in particular is in her sights. Money inherited from Celia is funding his ambitions to win election along with the upstart Democrat running for the presidency, Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Madeline, in her zeal, cannot imagine the series of events she will set into motion—or how drastically they will alter the lives of every single person in Celia’s house that fateful day of Madeline’s visit.

Winterkill is the story you’ve been waiting to read—a compelling tale finely written, spun out in suspenseful, unpredictable, thought-provoking and unforgettable style.



Winterkill is Joyce K. Walsh's first novel.