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by Sheila Ortiz-Taylor

From the author of the legendary classic novel Faultline comes this unforgettable depiction of three generations of women in a vivid, authentic, and luminous story of their lives and times.

Set in Florida and Georgia during a profoundly transitional period of American life, Homestead opens in the 1920s with the birth of Joyce, daughter to Mary Beth, who has dutifully married the widower of her dead sister. Bound to a man whose judgments threaten disaster if not calamity, denied a love she dares not contemplate, Mary Beth lends her strength and resourcefulness toward carrying her family through the life-changing times of prohibition and the Great Depression. In a world fully controlled by men, Mary Beth, and the servant-class women around her, allow new and different choices for Joyce and her future. Yet Joyce too is constrained, by society’s expectations, and even more powerfully, her own sense of duty and obligation. And then Amelia is born...

How these women endure, innovate, and support one another to overcome the circumstances of their lives is the deeply affecting, flesh and blood story in Homestead, a lyrically beautiful homage to the strength and resiliency of women.

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Violet March, an eighty-two year old resident of Casa de los Suenos, finally has the opportunity to put years of mystery reading to practical use. One by one her comrades, the Bingos, are dying. Is this natural attrition, or is there a plot afoot?

Like most detectives, Violet March does not work alone. Her immediate circle of assistants include a cosmetologist, a mortician, and an accountant. But others are inevitably drawn into the solution of the crime and the celebration of the mystery.


Arden Benbow is a motorcycle riding, lesbian Latina poet from LA who has at last received her degree from UCLA. Now she’s been hired to teach poetry in a small liberal arts college in northwest Florida and the administrators have no idea what they’re about to come up against. This is the seventies, and social change is creeping slowly but inevitably across the country from California.

Since firing Arden is out of the question, the administration soon sets into motion a plan they feel is certain to make Arden want to leave. As their machinations become increasingly complex, Arden happily and even obliviously sets up housekeeping in her newly purchased decaying southern mansion just across the rugby field from the college. While the administration struggles to keep southern academe the same, Arden gradually enlists women faculty, immigrant farm laborers, rural residents, a lesbian feminist press, and the whole student body to create a new green world of women’s values.

OutRageous is the latest novel by Sheila Ortiz-Taylor, the critically acclaimed author of such classics as Faultline.




Sheila Ortiz Taylor is professor emerita in English from Florida State University, where she taught fiction writing and lit­erature for thirty-three years. She lives in Tallahassee with her partner of sixteen years.