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Bette Lawrence is about to find out how hard life can be for someone of low social standing in the 1900’s. Helping take care of her family is expected and Bette steps right into the challenge.

When Bette meets Sarah Douglas, the daughter of a wealthy importer and a past employer of her father, Bette is snubbed. Then a chance meeting at a masquerade party allows them to explore a friendship without Sarah knowing Bette’s identity.

When an earthquake sets San Francisco on fire for three days, Bette is forced to take care of not only her own family but Sarah’s as well.

Will Bette be able to rebuild her family’s lifestyle and still develop a relationship with Sarah...


Jaime Clevenger

Jaime Clevenger currently lives in a beach town with her fabulous partner, three cats and lots of plants. She spends her days riding her horses, teaching karate and writing. By night, she works as an emergency veterinarian where she has occasionally been caught scribbling down story ideas on the back side of prescription notes. She hopes very much that you enjoy this book.