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Command of Silence
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A spellbinding mystery unlike any you have ever read.

Two children have been stolen at different times out of the same household, one an infant from a bedroom, the other from a playground.

Into this baffling case enters Shiloh & Company. Well known for investigative effectiveness to a cooperative if uneasy police department, unique among detective "agencies," Shiloh & Company is composed of disparate personalities--Sugartime, Hester, Isadora, Lance, Olive, Hawk--who reside in the single person of Shiloh. Shiloh's assorted identities, born out of extreme childhood trauma, have acquired a collective instinct, a priceless gift in detective work: an unerring tuning fork for the truth.

Shiloh has been nursed back to functioning health and sanity by lesbian therapist Ray Martinez, still intent on integrating all the self-protective personalities. But this case is lethal to Shiloh's very identity: a crime involving children cuts to the heart of what first brought Shiloh to Ray's attention. In pursuing this mystery, the fragile mental health and fragmented existence of Shiloh will be tested to its limit.

Allow yourself time for Command of Silence. Once you pick it up you will be reluctant to leave the compelling world of Shiloh and Company.


Barbara Treat Williams

Paulette Callen

Born in eastern South Dakota, Paulette came to New York in 1977 after a ten-year detour through Minnesota. In 1994, she received Negative Capability Press’s first place award for fiction.
She is the author of the novel Charity and of poems, stories, and essays that have appeared in journals and magazines.  Her work has also been chosen for anthologies—most recently Audacious Creativity and Dog Blessings.  The poem “See, Nadia!” was included in Beyond Lament, Poets of the World Bearing Witness to the Holocaust and was subsequentlyselected by artist Carol Rosen for her Holocaust Series, an eight-book collection of photo/text collages housed in the Whitney Museum, the Simon Wiesenthal Center in Los Angeles, and the University of Tel Aviv.
Paulette is a volunteer with Grey Muzzle greymuzzle.org.

She lives with a rescued blind Shih Tzu on Manhattan’s Upper West Side.
Please visit her Web site at paulettecallen.com