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City of dreams. City of nightmares. Heat-soaked days. Rain-filled nights. Shadowy figures vanishing into swirling fog. City of promise, of heartbreak and despair. City of passion, obsession and vengeance. City of innocents–stalked by the ravenous dead. Slip into the shadows of New Orleans’ deepest nights, where the unsuspecting encounter the netherworld of predators of legend. Especially on days of legend: St. Lucy’s Day, Guy Fawkes’ Day, All Hallows Eve, Twelfth Night. Most of all, the Day of the Dead. This is when the dying Maeve will find Rita–who changes everything, including fate. When Miranda Kent, on a very specific hunt in the French Quarter, will overturn lives irrevocably. When Mischa and Raisa, caught between worlds, will find themselves no longer helpless. When scientist Dr. Lily Sahkret will have her every belief challenged by a mysterious band of nuns waging the most ancient and desperate of battles. And, lurking beyond them all, is the woman poised to conquer all, a woman named Katrina. Lock the doors. And even then, read these tales at your peril.

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Victoria Brownworth is a journalist, writer and editor based in Philadelphia. She’s published more than 20 books as both author and editor, has been anthologized in over 100 books and received numerous literary and journalism awards. A former full-time investigative reporter (currently doing only occasional investigative reporting due to progressive illness) for a series of daily and weekly newspapers, she is a columnist whose work appears nationally in several newspapers and magazines. She was the first AIDS columnist for SPIN magazine, the first lesbian columnist in a daily newspaper and the first journalist to write about women and AIDS and pediatric AIDS in the country. She was book critic for the Baltimore Sun for 16 years until the paper filed for bankruptcy in 2008.

Brownworth writes regularly on national, international and local Philadelphia politics for a variety of newspapers and blogs. She teaches writing and film at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia and also holds master classes in writing. Most recently Brownworth won the Society of Professional Journalists award for her four-part investigative series on homeless teens in Philadelphia which received national attention.