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Meet The Crew.

Georgie—a hopeless romantic with a weakness for punk-rock-girls even if they consistently trample her heart.

Cruzer—a Mexican-American photographer, the tough kid, who chases love all the way to the East Coast.

Soda—a gender queer heartthrob from the Midwest, who dreams of pirate ships, moustaches and femme foxes.

Welcome to The Creamsickle, the ultimate bachelor pad, a lopsided Victorian in the Mission District, home to this rascally crew of charming skater bois who hop from one bed to another in pursuit of sex, love or just the next new thrill. This is a San Francisco you have never seen, an eclectic landscape of dyke clubs and dyke havens, along with the exotic Minxy, a wonderland where baby butch Georgie enters the femme-centric world of strippers for the most comical gender-bending education of all.

Discover today's world of young queers, a world where personal identity is in constant flux, where gender exploration can be performance—or a life saving transition. Beneath the sex, music, drugs and drama, you'll find something true and timeless: a search for love, for queer family, for meaning, for connection, and affirmation.


Rhiannon Argo is the author or co-author of a variety of fiction ranging from mystery/romance to outrageous parody. While she enjoys the
challenge of working in multiple genres, it’s writing about the humor found in every day life that gives her the most pleasure.